Jurassic World Alive: 3 main in-game currencies

If you are the one who wants something new, then try Jurassic World Alive. In this game, the streets are full of dinosaurs, and you need to find the way. Here the gamer needs to collect the DNA samples and make the way. There are several aspects which the players need to keep in mind while collecting the samples. The gamer never knows what is going to be done. Next, the battle can begin at any time, so the player needs to be prepared for it.

For fighting the battle the player needs some currencies, but due to some reason, they are not able to get them. That’s why they take the help of Jurassic World Alive Cheats.


Several kinds of currencies are available in the game which you need to collect. With the help of currencies, you can easily flourish the dinosaurs. For playing the best, the gamer needs to manage three main currencies. These are:


The food is one of the main aspects of the entire game. Here the players need to collect them for boosting the level of dinosaurs. There are some more sources available for the player to use but try to collect the food for making the game enjoyable.


The coins are the central aspect of the entire game. With the help of coins, the player can make things possible and buy some equipment for the battle. It is used to construct the building where you need to examine the DNA.


The bucks are another main currency of the game. It is used to make the process fast. Here it means the player can quickly boost the entire aspect of game whether it is a playing or it is speeding the dinosaurs.

Conclusive words

So, these are some in-game currency that you need to collect while playing. As per the game, it is the entire aspects.

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