Instagram profile tracker – Ways to find who viewed my profile

There are some ways to check the name of the person who checks your profile of Instagram. The individuals are using Instagram for sharing their media with their friends and media. The individuals can easily share the pictures and videos with the help of Instagram at any place. There you have a profile option with the application that is used for giving the information about the person. Some people want to know who viewed my Instagram profile so they can download some apps. There are some tools or applications which are used to identifying the information of that particular user of Instagram.

Ways to know:-

Follower insight

You can use follower insight into the Instagram application, and you can see the name of the person or details. You can check the name of the person who stalks you with the help of the new applications. Well, that is not difficult to track the information of the stalker. You can also know that who blocked your profile on Instagram, and it is possible with some applications or trackers. So, you can take help of follower insight.

Who checks my posts?

Do you want to see that who is viewing your post of Instagram? If yes, then you need to know about some trackers and applications. There are some applications to track the person who checks the videos and pictures. So, it is not difficult to check the name of a stalker, and you can take more benefits also.

Check followings

There are some applications which are used for checking who is following you. The individuals should know how to check the stalker’s information. With the help of the application, you can know about the person who viewed my Instagram profile. So, it is easy to find out the name of the person.

3 Major Tips to Be the Master in the Walking Dead: Our World

Youths are crazy about mobile games, and most of them are spending time on it. In recent time one of the famous games is The Walking Dead: Our World. The game is for android device and in which you will see various zombies, and you have to kill them for more victories. In the gameplay, some cards are used, and they are for upgrading many things, and you can add them by the currency. For more coins and gold, we can select The Walking Dead Our World Cheats. The cheats are a good option for it, and it is the quickest tool. Each of the players wants to level up in the missions, and for that, they are trying many things. In this article, we are sharing some cool tips to be the master in the game.

Pick the right weapons

Weapons are best for attacking zombies, and there are lots of options for guns. The players can get anyone from it. We can also unlock some new weapons by spending the right amount of coins and diamonds.

Level up quickly

In the game, levels are showing you ranking, and we have to more focus on it. We can quickly level in the game with the use of the currencies. By more practice, we can also get high rewards and coins. The players need to earn XP for leveling up in the game.

Upgrade the skills

Without proper skills, we cannot hit the enemies, and your rivals are not easy to hit. All the players can well skilled so you should think differently to target them. In the game, lots of ways are present for enhancing the abilities of the heroes. Get a high amount of currency with the use of The Walking Dead Our World Cheats.

Jurassic World Alive: 3 main in-game currencies

If you are the one who wants something new, then try Jurassic World Alive. In this game, the streets are full of dinosaurs, and you need to find the way. Here the gamer needs to collect the DNA samples and make the way. There are several aspects which the players need to keep in mind while collecting the samples. The gamer never knows what is going to be done. Next, the battle can begin at any time, so the player needs to be prepared for it.

For fighting the battle the player needs some currencies, but due to some reason, they are not able to get them. That’s why they take the help of Jurassic World Alive Cheats.


Several kinds of currencies are available in the game which you need to collect. With the help of currencies, you can easily flourish the dinosaurs. For playing the best, the gamer needs to manage three main currencies. These are:


The food is one of the main aspects of the entire game. Here the players need to collect them for boosting the level of dinosaurs. There are some more sources available for the player to use but try to collect the food for making the game enjoyable.


The coins are the central aspect of the entire game. With the help of coins, the player can make things possible and buy some equipment for the battle. It is used to construct the building where you need to examine the DNA.


The bucks are another main currency of the game. It is used to make the process fast. Here it means the player can quickly boost the entire aspect of game whether it is a playing or it is speeding the dinosaurs.

Conclusive words

So, these are some in-game currency that you need to collect while playing. As per the game, it is the entire aspects.

3 Surprising Ways to Get a Handsome Amount of Currency in Sega Heroes: Match 3 RPG Quest


Nowadays one of the demanded games is Sega Heroes: Match 3 RPG Quest. The game is based on RPG battles, and you will get a high amount of rewards. For continues playing we get top star ranking and lead on the game. It is free of cost for all, and you can install it by the Google playstore. In the game, some major currencies are used like gold, coins, and gems.

The currency is used for leveling up and purchasing many new things for heroes. If you want to get a high amount of currency, then you can jump on Sega Heroes Hack 2019, and it is free to use. In this article, we are telling you some amazing ways to earn many currencies.

More and more tasks

Lots of puzzles and tasks are present in the game and for grabbing currency we have to win.  Currency collection is not an overnight process, and it takes some time. The amount of currency depends on your performance in the game, so always try to enhance it.

Join events

Online events are impressive ways to get additional rewards. The game gives various free chances to get success, and such events are best for us. They are easy to join, and anyone can participate in live events too. In the beginning, the players can grab such free currency and use it for purchasing new items

 Quests and Daily rewards

Quests are a significant aspect for each player, and it is not tough for the players. Before quest, you have to read about the full guide of the game. Daily free rewards are a helpful option for enough amount of currency. Many players are completing the shortage of currency with the use of Sega Heroes Hack 2019.




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